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The Griffin A-Frame for iPad is the best iPad stand

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If you’re going to put an iPad or any other tablet anywhere near children, you’re going to need a good iPad stand.

Without a stand, kids are prone to balance an iPad at the edge of a table, creating an automatic smash hazard. Alternatively they try to prop an iPad up against anything upright on the table, regardless of suitability of object – like a cup of juice or a vase of flowers.

Then there’s the fingers! Kids love to pound at the iPad screen, attacking it from all angles. I’ve never seen such digit driven abuse of an iPad screen. Perhaps with the sole exception of seeing parents fighting over Spotify music selection late into a dinner party.

Your iPad stand needs to be able to cope with this type of abuse.

If your stand is in any way flimsy or vulnerable to tipping over from the side, you’ll end up with the stand collapsing or tipping over. This puts the iPad in motion, potentially to slide off the table and smash on the floor.

You really want the iPad firmly anchored to the table whenever kids or wine refreshed parents are using it, and that’s where the Griffin A-Frame does a fantastic job.

Compact foldable stands are nice, but not practical for use with kids

My first attempt with an iPad stand was with a compact foldable stand from Amazon.

Foldable Desk Stand For iPad

It looked good and was cheap, costing less than a tenner. It also folded up into a compact size, which I thought would be great for travelling.

Unfortunately it was just too flimsy to do the job. I was an early adopter of an iPad, buying the first one on its release in 2010, coinciding with my daughter turning three.

She loved the iPad as much as I did, and I wanted her to be able to use the iPad without needing me to nervously hover over her and it in case she dropped and damaged the unit.

The compact foldable stand quickly proved to be unsuitable, as it showed vulnerabilities when too much pressure was applied from front on, or if the stand was knocked from the side.

We started travelling with the iPad, and although the compact nature of this stand was handy, again it failed to instil confidence that the iPod was not going to tumble onto the table or floor.

Did I mention I paid £40 for my beloved Griffin A-Frame, and they now sell for £14?

In 2012 the Griffin A-Frame cost me £40, but I haven’t regretted the purchase for a minute.

The stand is solid, sturdy and has always held our (now multiple!) iPads snuggly. It’s made out of solid aluminium that looks good and is reassuring solid.

Our 2010 iPad has a thick plastic case around it, and the Griffin A-Frame accommodates the larger size of the iPad and case perfectly. The newer 2013 iPad has a very slim case on it, but it also sits tightly in the non-slip rubber stand.

The stand folds flat for storage, and whilst it is much heavier than the previous compact stand, we always take the Griffin A-Frame travelling with us and it has never let us down.

It’s especially perfect for airline travel, as it sits nicely on the seat tray table. Once the stand is reunited with the family iPad, the dynamic duo have done a stirling job of keeping our daughter well entertained during annual long haul flights to Australia.

Griffin iPad stand picture with iPad

I’m not the only fan of this iPad stand.
Amazon reviews average 4.5/5 from 60+ reviews. Apple average 4/5 stars from 5 reviews.

Did I mention the price?

I’ve easily got £40 value out of this stand over the past three years, and it’s in daily use in the prime iPad usage location in our house – the kitchen.

I paid £40, but you get to buy it from Amazon* for the complete bargain price of £13.

If you don’t already have a stand for your iPad or other tablet, or if you’re not happy with your current one, the Griffin A-Frame should be the first item on your shopping list.

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